Thursday, 25 April 2013

Scrapfest By the Sea Recipe Challenge

The scrapfest organisers have given us a recipe challenge, and here is my take on it...
 The recipe was:

1 piece of cardstock (any size)
The page it is built on was plain white cardstock before I got the ink to it
At least 4 pieces of patterned paper (any size)
Each of the photos is matted on pattern paper
At least 5 flowers
3 daisys in bottom left and 3 tiny rolled flowers where photos meet at the top
A piece of thread/string/ribbon
Silver cord through tag
Some texture paste
The Clocks around the edge
Some paint/spray
Also the clocks, as we moved in walnut distress paint was used in the stencil and to color the paste
A tag (any size)
Bottom Left
Something sparkly
The sliver cl
ock with a largebling brad in the middle
And 4 photos
Printed with different opacities to fade them back

 Detail of the tag, text on tag is Frederick & Hannah. The leaves are spellbinder dies with a matching Heartfelt creations stamp on vellum, and the daisys are from a Cheery Lynn Daisy strip die, also on vellum.
Detail of the silver clock at the top. you can see the ultra tiny rolled flowers where the photos also shows the painted area of the clock stencil (Stencil by Prima).


  1. Beautiful. You really do have an eye for creating lovely pieces :-)

  2. Wow!!! Very clever Sophie! I really love the idea of the photo's fading out!

  3. Hi Sophie

    I say your comment on my blog eclectic endeavours which I'm guessing you clicked through from Joans gardens about the flower tutorial. This is the only way I could find to contact you since you didn't leave an email ad don't have one linked up to your account when I click on your blogger profile. The blogger Gabriella whose blog is A pretty Little mess has many flower tutorials on her sidebar. Her blog is not on mine yet. Sorry. The tutorial uses a patterned tulle cut into circles then clipped into flower shaped by trimming out tiny notches. It isn't hard at all. Quite pretty. Hope you find it. She designs for Maja designs so if perhaps I have the blog name wrong you could scroll through their blog until you find a post by Gabriella until you find a link to her blog. Sorry I don't have the link handy.